Are you looking for Youtube Channels specifically for adults with autism?

In the vast landscape of online content, YouTube has emerged as a diverse platform where individuals, including those on the autism spectrum, share their experiences, insights, and expertise. For adults with autism seeking relatable and informative content, several YouTube channels have become go-to sources. These channels offer a unique blend of personal narratives, advocacy, and discussions that resonate with the neurodivergent community. In this article, we explore a curated selection of popular YouTube channels dedicated to adults with autism, providing a valuable resource for connection, understanding, and empowerment within the digital realm.

Logo for Autism From The Inside a popular youtube channel or autistic adultsAutism From The Inside

Hosted by Paul Micallef, an autistic individual who discovered his own autism at age 30, this channel provides valuable insights into real-life experiences, dispelling myths, breaking down misconceptions, and offering guidance on embracing autism for both those on the spectrum and their loved ones, with new videos every Friday and bonus content mid-week.

Youtube channel description: If you’re autistic or think you or someone you love might be on the autism spectrum, this channel is for you! I’m Paul Micallef, and I discovered my own autism at age 30. Yes, I know, I don’t look autistic. That’s exactly why I started this channel in the first place because if I didn’t show you, you would never know. Autism affects many (if not all!) aspects of our lives, so on this channel, I want to show you what Autism looks like in real people and give you some insight into what’s happening for us on the inside. We’ll break down myths and misconceptions, discuss how to embrace autism and live well, and share what it’s like to be an autistic person. Join me as I share what I’ve found along my journey, so you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

Picture of Yo Samdy Sam autistic adult Youtube
Yo Samdy Sam

Sam is an autistic advocate who shares personal experiences, advice, and insights on autism and neurodiversity.

Youtube Channel description: Exploring the topics of autism and neurodiversity. As a recently diagnosed autistic adult, I am passionate about not just raising awareness of autism but promoting acceptance for the autistic community. I want to explore the autistic experience from every weird corner of my brain and help others discover themselves, be proud of themselves and change the world, one silly video at a time.

Image of Lyric Rivera a.k.a Neurorebel on Youtube

Christa Holmans, known as NeuroRebel, creates content about autism acceptance, neurodiversity, and her experiences as an autistic adult.

Youtube channel description: Refusing assimilation into NeuroTypical society. Autism, ADHD, Hyperlexia, Anxiety, Neurodiversity, QueerRights, mindfulness, mindfulness, mental health, Lyric Rivera, Educator, Consultant, and Author of the best-selling business ethic’s book, Workplace Neurodiversity Rising, named “trend for 2023” and praised in Forbes as “an excellent ‘how to manual’ based on lived experience and professional competence”.

Amythest Schaber's Adult Autistic YoutuberAsk an Autistic – Amythest Schaber

picture of An Autistic Psychologist on youtube

An Autistic Psychologist

On the YouTube channel of An Autistic Psychologist, viewers can anticipate a unique perspective blending professional insights with personal experiences, providing valuable content on mental health, autism, and the intersection of neurodiversity and psychology.

Youtube channel Description: Just an autistic psychologist, talking about stuff. If you want to contact me for business purposes, you can find my email here. I am not at this time able to take foreign clients. You can find my first book ‘What Your Child With Asperger’s Wants You To Know’ at the eStore here: or on Amazon.

picture of Stephanie Bethany autistic youtuberStephanie Bethany

Stephanie Bethany’s YouTube channel features a mix of personal vlogs, candid discussions, and creative content, offering viewers a window into her life as an autistic adult while exploring diverse topics related to neurodiversity and mental health.

Youtube channel description: My name is Stephanie and my goal with this channel is to provide research-based and balanced information regarding autism-related topics in an understandable format. I aim to translate research into something more easily comprehendible for the viewer while also providing my own take, insight, thoughts, and examples. I also do deep-dive projects where I research and conduct interviews to facilitate insight and conversation. While my main goal of the channel is to educate, I also share my perspective as a late-diagnosed autistic adult and sometimes will simply provide my opinion about certain matters related to the autism community. While I find learning and sharing about autism important, I also have other interests and aspects of my identity, of which I explore more on my other channels, Life with Steph Beth (whatever I feel like) and Stephanie Speaks (Christian topics).

picture of autistic youtuber Mom On The Spectrum

Mom on the Spectrum

Mom On The Spectrum’s YouTube channel offers a heartfelt and informative journey into the life of a mother on the autism spectrum. Viewers can expect content that combines personal stories, parenting experiences, and valuable insights into the unique intersection of motherhood and autism.

Youtube channel desecription: I’m Taylor, a mom of 2 who was diagnosed as autistic at 31. My diagnosis brought up questions, frustration, doubt, but most importantly, a new level of self compassion and understanding. I’m here to share knowledge, resources, and products that empower other neurodivergent people and their loved ones to live freely and creatively. I’m not a doctor so please speak with your healthcare providers before implementing any recommendations I make on my channel.

Dana Andersen

Dana, a twenty-something autistic vlogger from Liverpool, shares a diverse array of content covering everything from lifestyle, recipes, and music to creative writing, art, and poetry. Passionate about removing the stigma surrounding mental health, Dana vlogs about it in a positive light.

Youtube Channel Description: Talking about my experiences as an autistic person, and occasional dives into my special interests!

picture of autistic youtuber The Thought SpotThe Thought Spot

The Thought Spot is a nurturing haven for neurodivergent individuals seeking understanding and representation, where valuable advice on embracing Autism and empowering neurodivergent identities is shared with vulnerability and honesty, fostering a supportive community

Youtube Channel Description: A safe space for neurodivergent souls to feel understood and represented. This is where I give advice on how we can embrace our Autism and empower ourselves with our neurodivergencies. Here I look to be vulnerable and honest. Thanks for being present with me.

How Can Watching Autistic Adults On Youtube Be Beneficial To Late Discovery Autistic Adults?

Watching autistic adults on YouTube can be profoundly beneficial for late discovery autistic adults in various ways. Firstly, it offers a sense of connection and community, allowing individuals to relate to shared experiences and recognize that they are not alone in their journey. By observing the diverse range of autistic adults sharing their lives, challenges, and successes, late discovery individuals can gain valuable insights into the neurodivergent spectrum, helping them better understand and navigate their own traits. Moreover, YouTube provides a platform for autistic adults to share coping strategies, practical advice, and perspectives on topics such as mental health, relationships, and daily life. This exposure can empower late discovery autistic adults, offering a wealth of information, fostering self-acceptance, and promoting a positive and inclusive understanding of neurodiversity.

The diverse array of popular YouTube channels dedicated to adults with autism serves as a testament to the power of online platforms in fostering connection, understanding, and empowerment within the neurodivergent community. From heartfelt personal narratives to informative discussions, these channels offer a valuable space for individuals to find relatable content, gain insights, and celebrate the richness of neurodiversity. As the popularity of these channels continues to grow, so does the sense of community, breaking down barriers, dispelling myths, and contributing to a more inclusive and supportive world for adults on the autism spectrum.

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